CX Strategy of the Year
Planning is crucial to CX success. This category recognises organizations with a 360-degree approach to service excellence: those who've left no stone unturned to devise a comprehensive customer experience strategy. If this sounds like you, get involved with this category!

Employee Driven CX of the Year
In recent years, we've observed organisations accomplish outstanding results by granting their staff members more autonomy and flexibility, enabling them to respond quickly and compassionately to situations on the front lines. How does your business enable staff to achieve great results for customers? Get involved in this category and share your story!

Best use of Technology in CX
This award recognizes practical implementation of innovative projects and/or processes, technologies to enhance the customer experience. Award nomination entries must describe either one new program or a significant restructuring of an existing program or process, adaptability and transferability.

Best use of Omnichannel
How accurate is it that customers expect excellent service at all customer touchpoints in your business? This honour is given to organization that have created a top-notch omnichannel strategy enabling clients to access the information and assistance they require via their preferred channel.

CX Leader of the Year
This award honours an individual's entire commitment to his or her organisation as well as their performance in the industry, leadership, and strategic influence.

CX Team of the Year
Customer experience is an intricate, complex process, which is why you need a great CX team to back you up. With a good team on board, an organization is ready to face the hardest of challenges and surpass them. Show us why your team deserves to be recognized as the CX Team of the Year!

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